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Meet the people behind local businesses

Locate Local gives you what you’re truly looking for – a connection with real people. Ready to meet them?

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The marketplace where every
purchase counts.

What do we lose by not supporting local?

64% of every dollar

you spend at a local vendor stays local through wages, investment, and donations.

Only 18%

of every dollar remains when you shop at national chains.

Locate Local for shoppers

Easier discovery


Local search that matches your location, needs, and values with small businesses near you.


Unique stories on local businesses in your city with insights into the impact each purchase makes.

Feel the love


A community that goes beyond transactions and towards relationships based on what matters most to you.

95 percent want to shop local

of Canadians say they want to shop more local yet only 33% do so on a regular basis.

90 percent understand

of Canadians understand the importance of shopping local and 
83% say they feel it’s time to increase their support.

Why join the movement?

The first curated marketplace and community that makes supporting local an easier, engaging, and more rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get the app?2021-02-20T21:38:03-07:00

Sign up for more information. It’s coming soon!

How do I submit my business?2021-10-05T08:45:37-07:00

Add your business to the waitlist.

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What businesses can join Locate Local?2021-08-10T12:53:49-07:00

On Locate Local, we feature Canadian businesses. We welcome diverse vendors, from retail boutiques and restaurants to grocery stores, coffee shops, and more. Locate Local will be available in Calgary, Alberta first (our home base) before we make our way across the rest of Canada. So be sure to join our waitlist to know when we’re in your area!

What does it cost to sign up as a business on Locate Local?2021-08-10T12:55:53-07:00

Locate Local is free for everyone – consumers and businesses. In the future there will be paid options for businesses to further promote themselves or create offers for new or existing customers.

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