5 Sustainable Local Businesses changing the “Eco-Friendly” Game in Calgary

Sustainability is a popular term gaining momentum with businesses and consumers. It provides a simple way to understand if something harms the earth. The use of renewable resources limits the depletion of the earth’s natural resources. Shopping sustainable supports the companies that focus on going green. From fair-trade goods to eco-friendly products, sustainable shopping can have a major impact.

Most major corporations are harmful to the environment. They are often completely ignorant of the big picture. We know how much an impact they have, and to take responsibility we should shop consciously. By shopping local sustainable businesses, we get an advantage in reducing our eco-footprint. Locate Local helps you identify sustainable local businesses so you can shop worry-free. Here are 5 great local recommendations that support sustainability in Calgary, Alberta!

River Café

River Café opened in 1991 and offers a beautiful dining experience in Prince’s Island Park. They support local farmers and producers that commit to sustainable ranching and fisheries. They buy from over 60 producers and have partnered with Ocean Wise. Their partnership makes sure they have up-to-date scientific information. This underlines their commitment to sustainability.

River Café has a breathtaking view with the outdoor terrace overlooking the lagoon. The area has landscaping with native plants without the need for irrigation. This means they don’t contribute to water pollution in the area. This allows them to sustainably maintain the gorgeous natural views. The Café features a stone fireplace, an open kitchen and a bar made from a real once functioning boat. This restaurant is an excellent choice for a beautiful and conscious meal at any time of day.

Web: https://river-cafe.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rivercafeyyc/

Location: 25 Prince’s Island Park, Calgary, Alberta


Bon A-Pet-Treat

Bon A-Pet-Treat offers food, treats and accessories for your furry friend. Open since 2007, they have veterinarian and animal nutritionist-approved recipes. These handmade goodies don’t include any preservatives or artificial flavours. They’re also made using locally sourced ingredients where possible. Bon-A-Pet-Treat carries pet cakes baked in-store and other sweet treats. They make the perfect tasty gift for your pet’s birthday or cool ice cream for a hot summer day.

Bon A-Pet-Treat also carries a wide variety of healthy food and treats for your pets. They offer raw and dehydrated food as well as dry goods. You can visit any time too! They’re open 7 days a week in three different locations (and at the farmers market every Thursday!).

Web: https://www.petbakery.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/petbakery/

Location: 5111 Bowness Road NW, Calgary, Alberta



Humainologie focuses on using art to spread understanding and empathy. They believe that by doing so they can increase inclusion and end discrimination. Established in 2015, they concentrate on bringing more inclusivity to our communities. Their goal is to eliminate discrimination by sharing “human” stories. By doing so they believe they can bridge the gap between people.

Humainologie thinks that to “extend empathy to others, we must extend empathy to ourselves”. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We deserve the love and kindness we give others. The proceeds from their shop go directly to the not-for-profit work that they do. All products are from local artists, are ethically sourced and consciously designed.

Web: http://www.humainologie.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spreadempathyyyc/

Location: Permanently closed, the store is now online only.

Leela Ecospa

Being eco-friendly is more than sorting recycling or bringing your own reusable utensils. It’s an endless mindset that involves making responsible choices. These eco-conscious choices impact our environment in the best possible way. At Leela Ecospa, they’re dedicated to providing the best experience for their guests. They provide their signature experience while practicing environmental consciousness.

Leela Ecospa is a conscious spa focusing on “eco-friendly wellness”. They do this by using environmentally friendly technology and products. By doing so Leela Ecospa has reduced the environmental impact of their opulent oasis. All in-house laundry uses woman-owned Canadian company GOODJUJU’s laundry strips. These strips are plastic-free, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free.

Web: https://leelaecospa.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leelaecospa/

Location: 849 1 Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta


Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners

Fishmans is a gem because of what they’ve worked to achieve for their local environment. They have provided a safe and healthy option for dry cleaning. Since 1945, Fishmans has offered an eco-friendly solution to caring for your delicates. The forward-thinking company introduced solvent-free drycleaning into their process. Fishmans aimed to reduce the impact chemical drycleaning has on the environment.

Fishmans uses their website to educate consumers as well. They draw attention to products that claim to be “eco-friendly”. They state that these products often transform into environmental waste. The company has proven that there is strong consumer demand for safe alternatives. Fishmans success challenges other dry-cleaning businesses to do the same.

Web: https://fishmans.ca/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fishmansyyc/

Location: 615 17 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta


Locate Local has you covered

When you shop, think about the impact it will have. Think about where and whom your money is supporting. Consider the practices of the place you’re shopping. Consider if you’re supporting business practices that are harming the environment.

As a consumer, the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint and do good at the same time is by shopping sustainable businesses. Locate Local helps you identify sustainable local businesses so you can shop worry-free. For more great (and local) sustainable businesses visit https://www.locatelocal.ca/categories/#second-hand.