Are Bees People?

Why is there a blog article about bees on a platform centered around local businesses? You might have noticed Locate Local’s bee flying around all these amazing local businesses around the city. Well, it’s no coincidence that we choose bees. What would you say if I were to tell you that bees are people too? More specifically, bees and local business owners share many of the same qualities. Not only are bees people too, but bees have some qualities that we humans should learn from. Hear me out, I know that sounds quite outlandish, but let me explain.

BEE Yourself

confused bee

I have nothing against other insects, but bees are better and more important.  First off, they sport lovely colouration. Yellow and black stripes are timeless. I understand that Bubblegum Pink is trending this year, but you don’t see bees pivoting in this direction. Bees have found their lane and stay true to themselves, they’re not about to give it up.

While I’m on the point about bees staying true to themselves. Don’t you think that’s a quality that we humans can learn from bees? Yes, I know that it’s far easier to stay true and be self-aware for a bee since they are born with their stripes. But if you think about it, it took bees many years of evolution to get to where they are today. They made themselves aware of their surroundings and adapted their lifestyles.

Busy as a BEE

Second, bees work harder than any other insects. You don’t see bees resting between flowers. They methodically move from one to the next to make the day’s quota. The honey won’t make itself and bees know this. It’s not a job – it’s a calling.

Do you know who else works very hard? Local business owners. Most people feel tired after a 9-5 but local business owners work 24/7. They put everything that they have into their work because their work is them. But not in the sense that they let their work consume them and become their life. In the sense that they are their work and their work reflects who they are.

Building CommuniBEE

Third, bees are all about community. They work together to achieve goals that are bigger than themselves. Whether it’s their hive or their colony. Bees put their collective interests ahead of their individual needs or wants. There’s much to admire and learn from this approach.

Are you starting to notice that bees and local business owners are quite similar? Who else has a bigger sense of community other than local business owners and the people who support them? Local business owners not only have a huge sense of community, but they are also the ones who are the cornerstone of the community.

Saving the EconoBEE

local economy stat

Fourth, bees contribute to the economy. It’s estimated bees and their fellow pollinators contribute $235-577 billion to the global economy on an annual basis. 2 trillion bees are thought to be under the care of beekeepers alone. Add in wild bees and we’re moving past the characterizing them as an army. They are a force upon themselves. What do they do?  Nothing more than their jobs. Pollinate what needs pollination and make some honey on the side.

Doesn’t that sound a little familiar to you? It may seem like local business owners are just “doing their jobs”. But like bees, they are doing far more than that. Not only are they doing their job but they also play a huge part in keeping money in the community. In Canada, local businesses recirculate 2.6x of revenue back into the local economy.

Meaning that for every $100 spent at a local business, $46 goes back into the local economy. But if every $100 spent at a multi-national business, only $18 would make its way back into the local economy.

The Waggle Dance

I saved the most fascinating thing for last. But first, let me paint a picture for you. You’re excited because you discovered this amazing hole-in-the-wall coffee shop. You text your friends telling them about the one-of-a-kind croissant you had.

Like humans, bees communicate and tell each other whenever they find something good!

Now, you might be wondering how bees communicate with each other. Well, it’s simple, they dance! Bees communicate with each other by dancing in figure a 8 to tell the other bees where the good stuff is. This dance is called the waggle dance.

Swat mosquitos all you want – they’re insidious. Embrace bees as if they were your sisters or brothers. They are stewards of this earth, just as we are. At Locate Local we want you to be like bees! Not only stay true to yourself, work hard, build and value community, but also share and spread the word whenever you come across an extraordinary local business! Join the hive!