Father’s Day Shopping Ideas for Every Type of Dad

Buying a Father’s Day gift for your dad can be a gruelling process. That’s why we at Locate Local created this Father’s Day shopping guide for every kind of dad. 

This article outlines eight categories of dads (dadegories). For each dadegory, we suggest three locally-owned Calgary shops where you can find amazing gifts. Your dad is unique, so his gift should be too.

Stress no more about finding that perfect Father’s Day gift. Locate Local has you covered.

The Self-Care Dad

Your self-care dad knows how to treat himself, and now it’s your turn to treat him! We’ve carefully curated three Calgary businesses where you can find the perfect gift for your self-care dad.

There’s a common misconception that men don’t need me-time. But if you have a self-care dad, you know that isn’t true. A great shave or a relaxing bath is just what your dad needs to reset himself after a long day. 

What better way to show you care than by giving him great self-care products from some of Calgary’s local shops.

  1. Kent of Inglewood – 1316 9 Ave SE
    Kent of Inglewood is the place for men’s skincare, cologne and shaving supplies. They even have a little something for the outdoor dad, with a fine selection of knives, axes and hatchets.
  2. The Beehive – 311 10 St NW
    The Beehive carries a wide range of locally-made products for skin, body, hair and home. From shampoo bars and bath bombs to candles and honey, there’s something here for every decadent dad.
  3. Lukes Drug Mart – 112 – 4th St NE / 3407 – 26th Ave SW
    Lukes Drug Mart is the oldest independent drug store in Calgary. The Bridgeland location opened in 1949. Lukes has everything you’d find in your regular drug store with the added benefit of shopping local.

The Outdoor Dad

These Calgary-owned businesses have all the essentials for every outdoor dad. 

Maybe your dad is an adventurer who can tackle any trail. Maybe he’s a hunter who provides his family with the best moose jerky. Or maybe he’s a guy who loves the comfort and beauty of his own backyard. 

No matter what kind of outdoor dad you have, these shops have what he needs.

  1. Crown Outdoor & Tactical1005 11 St SE
    Crown has one of the city’s best inventories of outdoor and tactical gear. They sell everything from compasses to ration packs. They also have a great selection of genuine military surplus items from around the world. 
  2. Proline Shooters – 1426 9 Ave SE
    Proline Shooters has a great selection of new and used firearms. It’s a one-stop-shop for any predadtor. Why settle for a big-box sporting goods store? Proline Shooters is your friendly neighbourhood gun shop.
  3. The Wild Bird Store – 5901 3 St SE
    If your outdoor dad is more of a backyard dad, the Wild Bird Store is the place to go. They have everything you need to turn your backyard into your very own bird sanctuary. 

The Businessman Dad

These next three businesses are in the business of business.

 Your dad is a businessman. He’s been in the business for years. When it’s time to talk, your dad talks business. In fact, the only business your dad won’t have is funny business. 

Well, okay. He’s into funny business, too. But he works hard, whatever kind of business he’s in. And these great Calgary businesses deserve your business.

  1. Reid’s Stationers – 710 17 Ave SW
    Reid’s has everything you need to get down to business–and more! The store is packed with both affordable and high-end stationery products. Their inventory includes pens, notebooks, art supplies and more.
  2. Recess1333 9 Ave SE
    Recess carries an exciting assortment of stationery products and gifts. This small but mighty shop has some great items that you can’t find anywhere else.
  3. Madison + PAGE – 425 1 Street SW Suite 230, Second Level Fifth Avenue Place
    Madison + PAGE carries a huge selection of writing instruments, ink and other stationery. They also carry a variety of fine leather briefcases, portfolios and wallets.

The Active Dad

These businesses are driven to provide the Calgary community with the best in fitness. Likewise, your active dad is driven to always be his best and fittest self. In fact, I bet he passed that quality on to you, too. 

If you’re looking for a place to find some fit summer fun with your active dad, then look no further.

  1. Strides Running Store –  3566 Garrison Gate SW
    If your dad can run like the wind, then you should run to Strides Running Store. They have everything under the sun for good old running fun. 
  2. Ridley’s Cycle223 10 Street NW, 490 Stewart Green SW
    With two convenient locations in the city and another in Okotoks, there’s a Ridley’s for everyone. Ridley’s has everything a cyclist needs, including accessories and services. 
  3. Go Performance Fitness Lab – 2123 33 Ave SW
    Go Performance Fitness Lab offers flexible month-to-month memberships, and quality personal training. Looking for a fun activity to do with your dad? Try one of their martial arts classes.

The Culinary Dad

Who said men don’t belong in the kitchen? Your dad knows how to cook up a storm, and he’s always looking to create something new and delicious. 

Luckily, Calgary has a culinary opportunity around every corner. They may as well call us Flavourtown.

  1. The Silk Road Spice Merchant – 1419 9 Ave SE, 510 77 Ave SE
    If you can taste it, they sell it. The Silk Road carries every spice, herb and seasoning that you can imagine. They have two locations: one in Inglewood, and one in the Calgary Farmers Market. 
  2. Springbank Cheese Company – 3570 Garrison Gate SW, 2015 14 St NW, 10816 Macleod Trail South, Unit 304
    Springbank Cheese Company has three convenient locations. They have a great selection of imported and domestic cheeses. Check out the sommelier dad section if you’re looking for a great pairing!
  3. North Sea Fish Market – 10816 Macleod Trail SE unit #300, 7418 Crowfoot Rd NW
    North Sea has been serving seafood-loving Calgarians since 1972. Not to mention their Willow Park location is right beside Springbank Cheese Company.

The Sommelier Dad

Your dad is the definition of great taste, and he’s in the right place.

Calgary is a city in love with craft beer, delicious wine and finely aged spirits. If that’s what you’re looking for, these are the places to go.

  1. 5 Vines Wine, Craft Beer & Spirits218 12 Ave SE, 105 Mahogany Centre SE, #110-4620 Bow Trail SW
    5 Vines was founded on a passion for delicious beverages—something they share with your dad. They even have a rotating selection of craft beers on tap, so there’s always something new to try.
  2. Willow Park Wines & Spirits – 10801 Bonaventure Drive SE
    Willow Park has a huge selection of wines from around the world. They also have plenty of domestic and imported craft beer that you might not find anywhere else. Willow Park has a sommelier on staff to help you find the best bottle for your discerning dad.
  3. Bin 905 – 2311 4 Street SW
    Bin 905 is part of a Calgary-based company that’s been serving Albertans for over fifty years. The experienced staff at Bin 905 offer a rewarding and informative shopping experience.

The Nerdy Dad

Calgary is an absolute treasure trove for nerds who want to support local.

Thank goodness the 2010s happened and nerdy is the new normal. Your nerdy dad has never lived through a more exciting time, and I’ll bet he’s never lived in a more exciting city.

Here are the best places to shop for your nerdy dad.

  1. Another Dimension Comics – 424 B 10 St NW
    Another Dimension is conveniently located right across from the Sunnyside LRT Station. Its great selection will take you and your nerdy dad to, well, another dimension. The life-sized Hulk statue is one of hundreds of exciting items you can find here.
  2. The Sentry Box – 1835 10 Ave SW
    Also known as Calgary’s largest game store, the Sentry Box is huge. They have every board game you can imagine. They also have Calgary’s largest selection of tabletop games and supplies. Not to mention lots of science fiction and fantasy books, some of which aren’t even in print anymore.
  3. Comic-Kazi – 4307 Macleod Trail SW
    Don’t be fooled by its modest appearance. Comic-Kazi is full of comics and nerdy knick-knacks that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. You don’t have to love comics to love all the things you can find inside Comic-Kazi.

The Car Dad

How could we forget the iconic car dad? 

You’ve never had to pay for an oil change because he taught you how to do it yourself. Your dad’s ride is an extension of himself. He’s taught you the importance of taking care of your vehicle, and now you want to take care of him. 

Here are the best places in Calgary to treat your dad’s wheels.

  1. Bubbles Car Wash & Detail Centre – 4715 Macleod Trail SW, 5912 Macleod Trail SW
    Bubbles has been around for over thirty years. If you’ve been on Macleod Trail, you’ve definitely seen their iconic big sign. Bubbles offers great detailing services and ceramic coatings, no appointment necessary.
  2. Strictly Auto Parts – 4512-10 Street NE
    If your dad loves to fix rides, he should be getting his auto parts here. Strictly is strictly Canadian-owned and operated. They have been serving Canadian auto enthusiasts for over fifteen years.
  3. Wash My Ride – mobile
    Wash My Ride is Calgary’s only mobile detailing service. Why take your car somewhere to get detailed when the detailing can come to you? Wash My Ride is family owned and operated.

That completes our Father’s Day Shopping Guide for every kind of Calgarian dad. Did we miss anyone? Hit up our Instagram @locatelocalca and tell us what kind of dad you have, or where you go to find your Father’s Day gifts in Calgary.

Happy Father’s Day!