How Locate Local Can Help YOU Join The Shop Local Movement

Shopping local is one of the most positive things you can do to support your local community. Even something as simple as going to a small restaurant can make a difference in the local economy. That’s why the Shop Local Movement is so important. The movement encourages people to shop at local businesses and connect with the community. As simple as it is to walk at your neighbourhood mom and pop shop, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. This is how Locate Local can help.

What is Locate Local?

Locate Local is a company that helps connect consumers with local businesses through their stories. Our platform is like “Netflix” but for local businesses. We’re helping Calgary’s local economy thrive by driving consumers to small businesses that share their values. Locate Local can help you take part in the Shop Local Movement.

How Does Locate Local Help You Join the Movement?

Our directory is divided into districts. These districts help you find a list of local businesses in your community. Our platform is more than a list of businesses. Each business has their own profile with their contact information, location and story! Consumers can get to know the people behind the business through their interview video. Getting to know the people behind a business and their story can help you decide if a business shares your values.

Other than districts, you can also choose to filter business based on their values. We have a range of values that you can search through. From Women-owned businesses to cruelty-free minded establishments, there’s something for everyone.

Our platform is optimized for you to join the movement based on values and connection. The Shop Local movement is growing everyday. We want to support it by making it easier to access local stories for both you and your community.

Why Shop Local?

Canadians prefer to shop local. Over 70% of Canadians say that shopping local is important. Small to medium businesses make up most of the Canadian economy.  If you spent $100 dollars at a small business, half of that goes back to the local economy. That’s a good way to help your community thrive!

Shopping local is also more sustainable. Goods don’t need to travel as far to get to you. That means less emissions pumping into the atmosphere. When it comes to food, it’s likely going to be a lot tastier and fresher too because it cuts travel time. Going to a local grocery store not only helps local farmers, but also helps the environment by cutting down on emissions.

Supporting your local business also means connecting with your community. When you’re going to a local business, you get to see the people behind the business face-to-face.  You really get to know the people in your area just by shopping around. Not only are you meeting local business, you’re also potentially meeting other customers from your community that share your values.

The shop local movement is very important because it can help your community thrive. Locate Local wants to help you take part in your local community. By using Locate Local, you are able to easily support the local economy, help the planet and build connections with everyone around you. What are you waiting for? Join the Shop Local Movement by browsing through Locate Local!