How you can leverage the online shopping craze at your local business with Locate Local

Despite online shopping being prominent, people are still trying to shop local

Every year online shopping is becoming more and more prominent. This is due to multiple factors, one being convenience, another one being price. 42% of consumers search online to make sure they are getting the best price.

The uprising of online shopping is a reason that local businesses are suffering. This has been especially true during the covid-19 pandemic, when we were not able to go to physical stores. Although some individuals became content with shopping online, many individuals have been craving the social interaction they lacked for so long. Since we have opened back up for the most part, these individuals have been indulging this desire. Not only this, but many individuals have become more aware of the importance of shopping locally, having seen local businesses suffering through the pandemic. 

Many individuals shop online, and even the people who don’t, usually research their product online before going into the store, in fact  50% of consumers conduct an online search prior to a purchase. It has been proven that people trust online reviews second to their family and friends. 75% of consumers say that online ratings and reviews influence their buying decisions. This means that online reviews are important, and oftentimes people will negatively review a business for no reason, anonymously. Locate Local combats this by providing a place for positive video reviews. 

Local businesses can do multiple different things in order to combat the online shopping fad. One way that local businesses can satisfy the online shopping needs of some, is by having delivery. Of course this only works for certain businesses, and we will continue to encourage people to go into the store, but sometimes it is not an option and this can be beneficial. Many individuals also understand that you cannot always order online, and why it is important to go in person sometimes. 

Despite many individuals wanting to shop locally, many people still continue to do much of their shopping online. A major reason why many consumers don’t shop at local businesses is that they just don’t really know how to start. Many individuals are not aware of the local shops around them, and of how to find the ones that fit their wants and needs. However, 47% of consumers still seek stores in their local area, despite the online shopping trend, which shows that consumers are still putting in effort to shop locally, and we Locate Local can help raise this number.

How Locate Local helps

Locate Local takes all of these factors into account. When you put your business on Locate Local, it is on an app, satisfying the need of looking at things online. What the app really is, is a directory that shows you local businesses close to you. It can show you a business in the specific community you desire and the specific need you want filled. It also shows you the values of the business and the stories of how the business was started, what is unique about it, etc. Additionally, it makes shopping locally through the app rewarding by partnering with local businesses to give you deals and such when you check in at a local shop.

Although we still encourage going into physical stores, Locate Local is also incorporating small online businesses, as we understand that there are many online local businesses as well.

Another way, as a business, you can partially combat the online shopping craze, is by advertising online and using social media. Whether you already have an online presence or not, Locate Local can help with your digital marketing, as it is a form of online advertising, again satisfying consumers’ need of looking at things online. We also use social media to promote our app, which directly goes into promoting your local businesses, and we promote for the businesses directly on our social media as well. Lastly, we inform people of the importance of shopping locally. What’s stopping you? Join Locate Local today!