The Socially Conscious Marketplace

Ever wonder what your social impact is? Every one of us leaves some kind of mark in our world, whether it’s our carbon footprint, the relationships we nurture, or the ripple effects we set in motion by our lifestyle choices and deepest values.

Just think of it this way: when you frequent a local business and support their services or products, you’re buying into the best kind of behaviour – one that pays it forward.

You’re growing that small business and helping it achieve its biggest dreams. Whether you know it or not, your money fuels an economy of local businesses to create the homes we love.

And that’s exactly why you’ll love Locate Local.

What is Locate Local?

If our name didn’t already tip you off, Locate Local is a socially conscious marketplace that makes shopping local easier and more rewarding. By putting your values and interests front and centre, we locate the businesses that you’d love to discover. We know you wear your heart on your sleeves, and it’s time your shopping reflects that.

Who is Locate Local for?

Perhaps you care about ethical working conditions or are a fan of supporting BIPOC-owned businesses. Maybe you love our planet earth and want to see more companies stepping up their eco-friendly agendas. Or perhaps you just simply can’t turn down a tasty burger from that local joint in your favourite part of town.

Whatever your motivation may be, you care about something bigger than yourself. But you don’t always have the time to do your research. However good your intentions are, sometimes your actions just reflect the path of least resistance. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love convenience?

At Locate Local, we make it easy to support the things you care about. We vet and recommend local businesses to you based on the values you hold close to your heart and where you’re located.

From dining at vegan restaurants and shopping eco-friendly brands to visiting Black-owned shops and women-run services, and more, we share the same appreciation for your city’s local legends, hidden gems, and everyday unsung heroes that make your home truly the best place to be.

And of course, Locate Local wouldn’t be half what it is without the mighty small and medium-sized businesses that make our communities go round. We see your hard work, love your unique stories, and want to help share the value and experiences you bring to our communities by connecting consumers with the faces behind your business and bumping up your foot traffic and exposure. Our mission is to grow a connected community that empowers consumers and business owners and to enact positive social change that extends beyond our own backyards.

Why does it matter?

Something incredible happens when you align your spending decisions with your values.

Every purchase counts locally, socially, and personally. By choosing the local route, you’re keeping money in your community and contributing to greater job creation and a more sustainable community.

Everybody wins when you match your needs and goals with unique brands, so why not discover awesome high-quality products and services near you while you’re at it?

How it works

Locate Local lets you browse local shopping listings based on the values you’re most aligned with.

Simply choose a business that captures your interest, and get to know the people behind the product, how they got their start, and why it’s worth supporting them before making your way to their physical or online storefront.

Catch a glimpse of powerful business stories through videos curated by the business owners themselves. Discover thousands of new and exciting businesses that match your mood. And connect with a socially conscious community that transcends the typical business exchange and form real, genuine relationships.

Get ahead of the curve and be the first to know when you can start taking advantage of Locate Local in your city by joining the waitlist. And if you’re a vendor, add your business to our marketplace now!

What features can members expect?

  • Location mapping: Discover local businesses near you based on your real-time location
  • Business values: Browse businesses and discover the values they support
  • Business profile: Learn about local businesses and what makes them special
  • Video reviews: Like it? Rate it! Find the best places in your neighbourhood that are vouched for by other locals or share your experience to generate more buzz about the biz

What features can business owners expect?

  • Location mapping: Get noticed in your neighbourhood
  • Business profile: Share your unique story about your local business
  • Video: Tell your business story visually to add some oopmh
  • Business interactions: Understand how users interact with your business profile

When do you launch?

We’re excited to launch in Fall 2021! To make sure you don’t miss the big day, join our waitlist to be the first to know when we make a splash in your city. And if you’re a business eager to join our network, sign up to get early access!