The Tech Designed to Get You Connected with your Community

Technology is meant to make your life easier, get you to learn something new or keep you entertained for hours on end. Applications like Instagram and TikTok, you’re endlessly scrolling through feeds of forgettable content. They’re designed to keep you in their platform and get you to consume more and more content. Although it has its advantages especially for small businesses and creative people, it also has its disadvantages when not used in moderation like any other thing — it can keep you away from the present moment and just get you to scroll instead of making long-lasting real-life connections. What if we told you that there’s technology that encourages you to go outside the comfort of your home and visit that local shop?

Locate Local has a more thoughtful approach to how you consume content. See a local business you like? Put down your phone, and go visit that store!

Meet People Behind Local Businesses

Instead of leading with the typical business name, contact information, or website, we want to lead with the people that made these businesses possible in the first place. These creative individuals pursued their particular endeavors out of their passion in their respective crafts and choose to provide these unique products/services, which in turn make our city more vibrant and alive. It’s only fair to give them the recognition they all deserve.

Choose What You Want to See

Locate Local is a platform dedicated to making supporting local easier with value-based categories so you can easily find local businesses that you connect with. Whether it’s one that supports your way of life, or if you’re simply just looking to find a place to spend a special occasion at. Locate Local got you!

Business Categories

Greater sense of communityCreate a Greater Sense of Community

We all love great stories. Only through it, do we create meaningful connections with others. With that connection taken away by the recent pandemic, Locate Local aims to bring that sense of community back in your district, in your city, and hopefully, in our country *wink wink*. You can come back to real life and continue to support the businesses you have grown to be friends with on your morning coffee run, afternoon pick me-up, dinner party, or start that relationship all through the app. Community gives us that feeling of home. How nice would it be to actually get to know your neighbours and call this city your home.

Leave A Positive Impact

Investing money on local businesses is like investing money in your city. By supporting them, means supporting people who started their businesses. It means keeping employment within our city, making more growth opportunities for others, creating more infrastructure within our city that help support these entrepreneurs, and making starting a business venture easier for others. The money that we spend stays within our community and it creates endless opportunities. Locate Local acknowledges this potential and promotes that in a way that convinces more people to support local. How? Through You.

Become a Local Insider

Become a local insider and leave an authentic positive video review on your favourite locally-owned businesses through Locate Local. Word-of-mouth marketing still works best! Support local has been one of the buzz phrases for a while now, and Locate Local amplifies this movement and even extends it to — support local people. Because at the end of the day, it’s these unique individuals that made it all possible. Their fabric in our city binds us all together and it’s up to us whether we’d want to create something beautiful through it.

Connecting you soon in Calgary.