Treat Yourself: Calgary Edition


Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to be about resetting your home. Self-care days are great for rejuvenating and resetting yourself as well. 

We all get carried away with our mundane day to day lives. Stress builds up over time. Even from the smallest inconvenience, we forget to take a step back and appreciate the beauty in life.

Stress management is a vital part of taking care of yourself. Treating yourself to a day of relaxation and indulgence is the best form of self care.

Choosing from the following categories can help you map out the perfect self indulging day. Listed below are some of our favourite local businesses that can help you reach a deep level of relaxation. 

Without further ado, here is a guide to how you can treat yourself in Calgary! 

1. Spas:

Leela Eco Spa:

Instagram: @leelaecospa


The best one stop shop for self care in Calgary. Leela strives to provide the best experience to help you relax. The owner, Guarav, runs this business to spread kindness all throughout Calgary. Learn more about his story here

With locations all over the city, each spot focuses on a different specialty. The business offers a wide range of services. These include personalized massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, acupuncture, osteopathy and many more. 

You can stop by to treat an area of concern, or with the intention of relaxing. 

2. Shopping:

Soil & Soul:

Instagram: @soilandsoulyyc

What better way to treat yourself than buying a new plant friend?! Dee, Owner of Soil & Soul, aims to spread a sense of community. Learn more about his story here

This plant store gives a fun and chill vibe. Browse his unique selection that includes rare and exotic plants.

Penny Fausta Pharmacy:

Instagram: @pennyfausta


This pharmacy is not all that it seems. Penny and Fausta have handpicked a selection of local brands to offer in their store. Learn more about their story here

Their beautiful pharmacy offers a wide range of self care products. These products are almost all locally, sustainably and ethically made! 

Get yourself a bath bomb or treat yourself to a whole new line of self care products.

3. Snacks:

Black Sheep:

Instagram: @blacksheepyyc


The best croissants in Calgary! This is a great stop to add into your self care day. What seems like a small and light snack, is actually a delicious and wonderful experience. 

Everything in this store gives a thoughtful essence. Benjamin adds his special touch to every creation and decoration in the patisserie. Their selection is a manifestation of his passion for baking.

It is a guarantee that very croissant you pick up contains Benjamin’s love. Learn more about his story here

Fraser & Fig:

Instagram: @fraserandfig


Get yourself a nutritious and scrumptious graze box! With meats and cheeses sourced from all over the world, Cameron Fraser’s got you covered.

Cameron’s passion for charcuterie has spread all over Calgary. Learn more about Cameron here.  

Grab your favourite bottle of wine and treat yourself to the best snack plate EVER.