Why you should do your holiday shopping at local businesses!

Why holidays are important for local businesses

Holidays are great for business in general. This is because the majority of people participate in the major holidays and almost everyone celebrates at least one holiday, and practically every holiday has a buying component. For example, for Halloween people buy costumes, decorations and candy. For Valentine’s Day people buy chocolate, flowers, etc. The biggest one of all in Canada is Christmas, as well as there being many other holidays around that time, as people buy a variety of different gifts and decorations. Because of this, around these holidays is when local businesses have the most potential to gain customers and increase sales.

How can local businesses leverage the holidays to their advantage

Valentines Day chocolates, candy and flowersAs a small business owner, you should leverage the holidays in your favour. There are many different things you can do. You should have products that are themed, popular, etc. You can do things such as having small events. You should advertise these things, and make sure you are directing them to the correct demographic for your business and the specific holiday. Advertising on social media for these holidays is important. This is because during this time customers are consistently looking for products to buy, holiday posts are trending, and consumers want to see a business that participates. These areas in which Locate Local can help.

Holidays are a great time to start building relationships, and gaining loyal customers in the long run. Nearly everyone is going to buy products during these times, so why not take this opportunity to gain new customers! They will likely be looking for new things to buy at new places, and you can take advantage of this, and in turn benefit the consumer. If you market correctly during this time, you can bring in a slew of new customers.

As a consumer, how can we help local businesses during the holidays

As a consumer, the holidays are a time when we usually buy gifts and other things, so why not spend money on products at a local business? These are times where we have a lot of power to make a difference in a small business. By helping them, we help our community. Small businesses also usually have much more interesting and unique items. Isn’t that much better to buy your family, friends, etc. a cool thing from a local shop that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

We know the Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on everyone, especially on small businesses. That is why you should take this time, when you are going to buy things anyway, to invest in a small business. You will help them stay afloat and hopefully thrive, as well as getting a great product. We know the Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for individuals as well, and that sometimes products at small businesses may seem more expensive. However, they are usually better quality than what you would get at a chain retailer, therefore last longer, and are worth more in the long run. But at the time, even if the product does seem to be slightly more expensive, just remember that if you are going to spend, you might as well support a local business. By buying from a small business you are supporting a person who has put a lot of time and effort into this local shop, and has a family to provide for, as well as supporting the local community as a whole.

What Locate Local can do for you

How Locate Local helps is by connecting people with small businesses that have the same values as them. It shows the local business owners’ story. It shows the person behind the business, and the effort that goes into it. Which makes the customers more likely to buy from them. Sign up to use Locate Local!